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Thursday, 8 October 2015

How to make our event the best by the help of technologies tools?

Welcome back to 3 Elements events!
It is maybe modern imaging technologies that have had the greatest impact on the event management, and will defiantly continue to do so. Every time we think of that how to make this event so good because a good event can give a new direction to your business.
How today technology is is affecting the events you plan, you can make your event smart, attractive and superior with the help of technologies. You should keep your mind up-to-date to technologies. Every client wants to go with best event planner in jaipur or may be at anywhere.
According to 3ElementsEvents analysis we found that if technologies are not yet then development of the world may not possible.
Let’s see how we can use technology for the event management and what kinds of technologies are using for the corporate event management.  If you aren’t tech savvy, we would like to share some information that will help you to make your event best.   
Social media is the biggest partner for event promotion –
In today's entire world is dynamic on online networking, whether it might be a man of any age. After create any event, corporate event, exhibition or any party you have to promote it. There are such a large number of approach to promote your event like as street appear, banner, TV, FM radio and so forth yet long range informal communication is the most ideal way.  
The primary point of interest of utilizing online networking is extremely practical and it exceptionally least expensive. Here are some online networks where you can promote your corporate event –
Linked in

Many event organizers would like an all-in-one, mobile-friendly solution that manages an event’s complete life cycle, from conception to post-event reporting.
Planning partner
During the planning of an Event management includes some specific tools, and others that automate larger portions of the planning process—often overlapping with other solutions.
During event planning you have so many information to coordinated with other here are some tools for management -
Task Manager
Check list app
You should also prepare a presentation for clients using Power Point and for the billing excel spreadsheet is very simple tolls.
Lighting and sounds electronic tools –
One of the most effective ways to attract clients is lighting and sounds. You can do every thing for become top 10 event management companies in jaipur. Here we would like to share some lighting and sound tools –
DJ dance floor, turntable, and DJ mixer.
LED curtain, Dimmer, flood light, laser and PARCAN lights

Internet access technology –
As per over analysis you should offer Internet access during the event, believe us this is the most effective to attract clients.  Mostly internet access is need in corporate event meetings, conferring meeting and in exhibition area, if your attendees can’t access the Internet, post a tweet, or even check their email, they’ll leave the conference area to do so you thing about it

From the best corporate event management companies in Jaipur, we organize superb corporate events that are collectively the combination of creativity, strategy, planning, designing and execution.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

4 steps to become best event planner

Everybody on the planet needs to make your business and yourself best, you can't turn out to be great unless you don't buckle down and devotion. We'll talk this season of occasion administration business. Presently in nowadays corporate event management is the most developing administration business in world.  Corporate event management, event organizers and event planner are the comparable words.
According to 3ElementsEvent, we believe in that after some time you will take in more things and definitely begin improving occupation. Event planner is able to manage pre-launches, exhibitions, grand corporate meetings, gala dinners, road shows conferences, meetings, parties and wedding.
Guideline to make an best corporate event management companies in india –
·         Requirements
·         Analysis
·         Planning
§  Cost
§  Communication
·         Fix goal
“We create, you celebrate. We just need appreciate”
·         Requirements - Before we go into any sector should have full knowledge of the field I mean to say before you start as an event organizer you need to be very professional. Professionalism is the signature of your event management company.

Basic career requirements that you should have-
§  Education requirements – Should have minimum bachelor degree in hospitality, marketing, business, public relations or a related field
§  Experience – The most important factor in every field is experience. You should have minimum one year strong experience to start an event management company.
§  Creativity or ability – Creativity makes you different from other.  You should have creativity or ability to makes any event something different or unique. According to 3elements events, Creativity is only the way to become best event planner in jaipur.
§  Goodwill - Solid communication, customer-service and business and marketing skills are the most effective factor to make goodwill in event management market. You have to maintain  relationships with vendors, business owners and other people

·         Analysis - Before beginning any business, you should completely investigate of the business sector; it will help you to know how to be entered, who are your competitor and what services they offer. What is the benefits of market analysis-

-  What does the customer want what requirements they will know you better
-  You can easily improve your services as compare to other
-  You can better analyze the new market trends in event management.

·         Planning - Starting an event management organization is a multi-step process that can feel at the moments, but 3elementsevents, corporate event management companies in jaipur will make it easy to stay organized and get easily success. Whether you're refining your event idea, filing for permits and licenses, drafting your events plans, or looking for funding.

§  Cost - To make a decision on cost what will charge for an event management and what cost is suitable for the clients, you need to have a basic knowledge of the ways that these companies quote their fees.
- Flat fee
- Hourly fee
- Percentage of expenses
Discount is the most effective advantage to attract clients.  
§  Communication - Communication is one of the most significant skills anyone can have and this is the first impression as front of clients. You should have best team leader for communications. One of the biggest benefits to effective communication is productiveness. Three points should keep in your mind
- Stay confident
- Discipline
- Interaction
·         Fix goal – First things you should keep in your mind what you want to achieve, you need to fix your goal
- Increases no. of clients in a fix time
- Make goodwill in the market
                        - Earn profits 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Why should I hire an event planner? Will it profitable

Now in these days event management is the important part for human society. We know that a Human being is able to do everything but sometime we need to help some professionals. Yes I’m talking about professional event planner. An event planner can make your event most memorable by their professionalism.

What we looking in an event like as best memorable, attractive, profitable or cheapest. An event typically represents your company, services, thinking of peoples and relationship, directly we can say that event is only the way to represent your image as front of audience.

Mostly an event planner is able to manage corporate event management, exhibition, wedding event, advertising & branding, off–site networking events, celebrity and artist management, designing and fabrication of exhibition stands and road shows, to name a few.

I know what to do – We think that why should I give my event in the other hands of someone. An event planner knows very well that what to do and how to do.

Professionalism is the main keyword for event making. The study of event management degree provides this knowledge in addition to the training and skill set necessary to organize and run your own events.

An event planner has Creativity or innovative thinking. A professional event organizer is able to take care of your event something colorful. Creativity or innovative makes your event different from the crowd and able to get attention of peoples. 

Management is very important before an event planning. Management important especially in corporate event management, exhibition or wedding events. It has a vital role in an event management because it will represent the image of your organization, which is either be accepted or not by the guests, visitors, tourists and other people.

This is the most important thing to making an event is Budget. Event organizer is giving an opportunity to save your money. They can organize your event in your budget.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

“How can you make your wedding event unique?”

We always want to do something different in our life and if we talk about our wedding defiantly everybody wants to make his/her wedding event something unique. Because of wedding is the most important part of our life. Here we would like to share some tips to make your wedding fantastic.

      Theme based wedding – If you are looking for theme based wedding then this is a best idea to make your wedding unique. There are so many wedding themes in market like as

  • Bollywood 
  • Vintage
  •  Butterfly theme
  •  Garden
Choosing unique wedding location- It’s true that marriages are made in Eden and if it is celebrated on some unique places, then it would be more joyful and everlasting. Choosing unique wedding destination is a chance to live your dreams in real life. Choosing unique place can also make your wedding joyful.

  • Desert
  • Beach
  • At historical place 

Invite celebrity in wedding event – To invite celebrity in your wedding event is best way to hype your wedding. Celebrity will entertain you via their talent like as dancing, singing etc.

  • Actor/actress celebrity
  • Singer
  • RJ/DJ

Dress code – Now the question is what dress code is perfect for couple or guests.
To choosing best dress code for guests is also a unique idea. Dress code may be same or unique for guests it completely depends on your thinking.

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